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Independent Strategic Branding Specialist
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Build Your Brand the Right Way
Build a happier healthier business with a powerful brand
Specialising in end-to-end brand development and strategy-led websites that drive business growth and inspire brand loyalty.
A computer screen displaying the UX/UI design of an e-commerce website, featuring a clean and modern layout. The website shows a product page with high-quality images, a user-friendly navigation menu, product descriptions, pricing, and a prominent 'Add to Cart' button.
Build A Leading Brand

How To Level Up With A Strategic Brand And Website

Strategic Branding

When businesses dive into strategic branding, they're not just passively waiting for others to perceive them—they're actively shaping and controlling those perceptions. It's about crafting an image, message, and identity that consistently hits the mark with your target audience. We're talking about evoking specific emotions, associations, and beliefs that resonate deeply. It's about moving past the surface appeal and digging deep into human truths, building robust marketing frameworks, and carving out a unique identity that sets you apart. Brands that dare to delve into these areas don't just blend into the crowd; they shine bright, drawing in customers with genuine appeal. My approach to branding isn't one-size-fits-all—it's tailor-made to propel your business toward its unique goals.

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With the widespread use of the internet, people frequently turn to websites to learn about products, services, organisations, or individuals. However, if your website has slow loading times, an outdated design, or a confusing interface, visitors will lose interest within the first 3 seconds and leave you to find solutions with your competitor, it's missed opportunities and decreased engagement you can avoid. By understanding the importance of establishing strong foundations across user experience, branding, and marketing, I can assist you in achieving better site performance and conversions with a beautifully designed and structured website that is also committed to meeting your marketing goals and user needs.

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Industries And Specialisations

With over 12+ years of experience in brand strategy and design, I've actively engaged with clients spanning diverse industries worldwide, worked in award winning agencies and provided tailored packages to suit clients distinct needs.
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Products and eCommerce

In a fiercely competitive market, DTC brands that prioritise emotions and human truths are at the forefront of their marketing strategies. They're not just selling products; they're winning over the hearts and minds of customers. These brands emerge as the real champions of authentic storytelling, weaving captivating narratives instead of merely emphasising product benefits and features. Meanwhile, other brands are left in the dust, failing to forge emotional connections and falling short of meeting their customers' true needs. They're missing out on the ultimate competitive edge.

Service Businesses

Having worked with various service-oriented businesses I deeply understand the significance of a polished brand and website. My expertise lies in effectively positioning and showcasing your service brand's value to enhance lead generation, attracting customers, and fostering loyalty.

You're industry isn't listed but you're interested in connecting? There's a strong possibility that, I've worked in your industry because I have worked in advertising agencies in the past. I'm always happy to chat about what problems you face to see how I can customise my expertise to your needs.


A well-developed strategy establishes your objectives, priorities and is a systematic plan of action to fuel business growth and attract the right audience.

Market Analysis, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Naming and Positioning.


Experiences mould perceptions, build trust, and boost user engagement, shaping the enduring impression a brand makes on its audience. Negative experiences have the potential to tarnish reputations, build division and impact business growth.

User Experience, User Flows, Storytelling and Content Development.


Good design not only serves aesthetics but also enhances usability, marketing efforts, drives the emotion for the experiences and develops delineation of your unique identity.

Brand Identity, Creative Direction, User Interface and Graphic Design.


Execution is the manifestation of creativity and strategy. It's the process of turning ideas into impactful experiences that resonate with the audience, drive action, and ultimately contribute to the success of a brand, marketing campaign and your website.

Guidelines and Toolkits, A/B Testing, Campaign Creation, End-to-End Brand Development and Websites.

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A campaign for a mattress company with a woman sleeping.

Guiding Principles

Clarity of Purpose
Know your Audience inside out
Good Communication Sets Good foundations
Consistency Matters
People Bring The Biggest Value
Humanise the experience
Check Your Brand's Health

Create A Brand Your Audience Can't Ignore

Brand Health is like the overall condition of a brand. When a brand is healthy, people like it, trust it, and buy its products or services.
If a brand isn't healthy, people might not trust it or want to buy from it.

Past Engagements
The Tasmanian Government, Singapore Airlines, Peace Lily, Abby Seymour Jewellery, Wootten, Ink and Spindle, Comstar Systems, Festival of Voices, Mona (Museum of Old and New Art), Dark Mofo, The 20, Before Creative, CSIRO, MyPlace, Hobart City Council, UTAS, RACT.
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Beth Gregory acknowledges the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, the traditional custodians of this land, and pays her respect to the Wurundjeri Elders, past and present.
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